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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who knew? You can buy high quality bike repair stations and air pumps from Home Depot (online)

For an email thread, I was looking up a URL for an image/link to high quality bicycle air pumps suitable for long term placement in the public space without getting destroyed.  Counter to how many unsuitable bike air pumps have been placed in the public space by business improvement districts and the like, and the pumps fail after a few months.

(To me it's not an example of failure as a lesson for good, when the failure is predictable from even before deployment.)

While looking I see that Home Depot sells Dero repair stands and air pumps in their online store.  If that's not a sign of innovation diffusion (a la Everett Rogers), I don't know what is.  Although the air pump is listed in the automotive section.

Home Depot also sells bike racks.  Bike racks and the repair stand are listed under the category "Playsets and Recreation."

Dero Air Kit 3, via Home Depot, $617.21 and free shipping

the repair stand without an air pump is $756.49
Today's Service Station, Dero brochure

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