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Monday, March 06, 2017

Reverse Traffic Pyramid by the Bicycle Innovation Lab

Over the weekend WalkArlington tweeted the Reverse Traffic Pyramid by the Bicycle Innovation Lab of Copenhagen.

It's cool, sure, but it isn't perfect.

It doesn't have a rung for bicycle sharing.   And should e-biking have its own run too?, for long distance trips.

Transport/delivery should be separated out from taxis.  And I would rename the taxi rung to taxi/ride hailing.

In terms of ordering, I'd reverse the order of taxi and car sharing, putting car sharing before taxi/ride hailing.

Since airplanes are on the diagram, representing very long distance travel, the Reverse Traffic Pyramid should probably separate out local transit, represented in the public transport rung, from long distance transit, which would include bus and railroad passenger service, requiring the addition of a new rung before flying.

But, it's still cool.

Clearly, it builds on  the sustainable mobility pyramid created by Transportation Alternatives of New York City.

And it's a graphic illustration of the concept of the mobility hub ("Dolly micro-move app as an element of the Sustainable Mobility Platform").

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