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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Transit, Bridge, and Building Halloween Costumes from San Francisco

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "These 26 people nailed the San Francisco-themed Halloween costume":

Photo by K. Haller. Cable Car: "She had some pretty crazy ideas and it’s been super fun making them with her," writes a mom whose daughter picks a different S.F.-themed costume every year. "This year, she wants to be the Painted Ladies and we’re going to do it with color changing LEDs so we just have to build one building, not 6!"

(the cousin of a neighbor made a popcorn box equivalent something like this and I thought that was impressive...)

Photo: SFC / The Poop / Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest 2011.  Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid: These twins "are big fans of San Francisco landmarks and when they asked to be the Pyramid and Coit Tower how could we resist? As many other parents on the street tonight guessed, one parent is in fact an architect — in this case, Dad." —The Poop blog, 2011

Photo: SFC / The Poop / Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest 2011.  BART train: "I chose the easiest train I could think of to make: BART. Just a diaper box with some colored foam glued on. When he saw it, he wanted me to put wheels on it to make it into a toy, but we convinced him to wear it for a little while so we could at least take a picture." —The Poop blog, 2011

MUNI J-Church: Mother Tammy, who for the purposes of this contest goes by "Elle Taraval," fulfilled every child's dream of being a Muni train. "My son has been obsessed with all forms of transport since he figured out things move," she writes. "We ride the Muni daily and it just made sense to whip up the J-church. He is passing out homemade bus transfers on Halloween, too. Hopefully he'll be on time."

BART train and ticket: It's easy to make this one with a cardboard box. Photo: SFC / The Poop / Super-Crafty Halloween Costume Contest 2011.   

Photo: Courtesy Raphael Sperry.  Golden Gate Bridge: Milo and Solomon Sperry are veterans of the Chronicle's Super Crafty Halloween Costume contest — appearing previously as Coit Tower and the TransAmerica Pyramid, and BART and Muni. This SF-themed landmark is architect/dad Raphael Sperry's best.


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