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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Commuting around the world

Lori Forrester commutes Alexandria, Virginia from her home in rural BERRYVILLE, VA
Lori Forrester commutes to Alexandria, Virginia from her home in rural Berryville. Toronto Star photo.

is a series running now in the Toronto Star. See "Commuting series."

From "Think you have it bad? Try a 240-km commute" which is about someone commuting from Berryville, VA to Alexandria:

The American commute by the numbers:

$78 billion: Cost, per year, of wasted fuel and lost work due to traffic congestion.

60 hours: Amount of time Washington-area drivers spend stuck in traffic each year.

38 hours: National average of time stuck in traffic each year.

14 hours: The national average 25 years ago.

4.2 billion hours: Total time Americans spent stuck in traffic in 2005.

3.5 million: "Extreme Commuters'' who travel at least 90 minutes one way to work.

11.2: Percentage of Americans who carpool to work.

4.5: Percentage of Americans who use public transit to get to work.

88: Percentage of Americans who drive to work alone.

8: Percentage of heart attacks linked to traffic congestion.

765: Cars per 1,000 Americans, the world's highest rate.

240: Distance Lori Forrester travelled from Berryville to Alexandria and back home each day.

$150: Cost, per week, to fuel her 2007 Jeep Commander.

693, 7, 267, 495, 395: The highways from home to office in Alexandria.

3: Waking hours, on average, she spends with her family during the workweek.

Sources: Texas Transportation Institute, U.S. Census, New England Journal of Medicine, United Nations, Lori Forrester
Lori Forrester commutes Alexandria, Virginia from her home in rural BERRYVILLE, VA

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