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Friday, March 03, 2006

Bi Bim Bab at Young's Deli -- Tour of Florida Market area as a blog meetup?

Bi Bim Bab at Young's Deli
Originally uploaded by rllayman.
In honor of yesterday's Post article about the Florida Market I ate Kimchee Ji Gae (you have to special order this item) for breakfast this morning at Young's Deli on the 300 block of Morse Street NE.

Elise of the Frozen Tropics blog, myself, and a couple other people have talked about a kind of northeast quadrant blog meetup for awhile...

Perhaps yesterday's article is a goad to try to do this in the market area, like we talked about before, but let slide once it got cold.

Stops on a Saturday morning itinerary could include Young's Deli (at least I hope so since I like Korean food and it's hard to find in the city), Sam Wang's Produce, Kang Farms, Litteri's, probably the place that sells goat, Best Restaurant Supply, the "DC Farmers Market" "public" (but privately-owned) market with what, 30 stalls, and the flea market in front of it. All these places sell to the public.

If people are interested, just leave a comment. Thanks.


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