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Friday, December 19, 2008

He was a "bad" guy, but great on transit

Paul Weyrich, hardcore, hard right conservative think tank and campaign guru, has died. See "Leading conservative activist dies" from the Legal Times.

He was the author or co-author of five papers published by the American Public Transportation Association:

-- Bring Back the Streetcars!: A Conservative Vision of Tomorrow's Urban Transportation (by Weyrich & Lind)
-- Conservatives and Mass Transit: Is it Time for a New Look? (by Weyrich & Lind)
-- Does Transit Work? A Conservative Reappraisal (by Weyrich & Lind)
-- How Transit Benefits People Who Do Not Ride It: A Conservative Inquiry (by Weyrich & Lind)
-- Twelve Anti-Transit Myths: A Conservative Critique (by Weyrich & Lind)(pdf file)

Weyrich was also publisher of the now defunct New Electric Railway Journal, which was published from 1992-1998. The following are articles from the printed magazine:
-- New Orleans Prepares for the Past, Spring 1992
-- Portland’s New/Old Trolleys, Spring 1992
-- The Kelley Park Trolley, Winter 1993
-- Vintage Memphis, Winter 1993
-- Metamorphosis on Main Street, Summer 1993
-- Real Streetcars Outdraw Fakes, Autumn 1993
-- Past Is Present, Autumn 1993
-- Veterans from Down Under, Autumn 1994
-- The Streetcar Renaissance in Dallas, Summer 1995
-- Heritage Trolleys in Memphis and Galveston, Spring 1996
-- Heritage Trolleys in Transit, Spring 1996
-- New Orleans Joys, Fall 1996
-- Charlotte's Heritage Trolley, Winter 1996-97
-- The New Ladies in Red, Vol X No I

It's hard to reconcile the two very different sides of Paul Weyrich.

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