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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More on Car2Go: tickets

I have wondered how the city is going to handle Car2Go vehicles being parked "anywhere" in the allowable zone, including on streets in spaces that are metered.

This TBD article, "Car2Go official launches 'free-floating' car-sharing in DC on March 24th," explains how the Car2Go car sharing model works.

Coming out of a presentation at the National Capital Planning Commission last night, I saw that this vehicle had a $25 ticket for failing to display a meter payment receipt.

The blue area in the graphic below shows the "home zone" where Car2Go vehicles can be left. (I noticed this morning that the car I saw on the 6600 block of 3rd St. NW has been in the same spot for two days [or more], an anecdotal confirmation of my concern that the cars are likely to be dispersed to out of the way locations.)

I presume that the tickets will be waived in favor of an annual parking fee per car, but I don't know.

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