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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Live here because you don't need to own a car: NOT!

Social housing, Georgia Avenue NW, Petworth, the banner on the building promotes parking, even though the building is 1.5 blocks from the subway
This building, 3Tree Flats on the 3900 block of Georgia Aveue (and across the street from a Safeway supermarket that is going to be redeveloped into a much nicer facility), is 1.5 blocks from the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station.  I'd be promoting living there because it's at the heart of a revitalizing commercial district, and is 1.5 blocks from the subway (plus there is frequent bus service to downtown and other neighborhoods, not just on Georgia Avenue, but via New Hampshire Avenue), which means that you don't need to own a car to get around efficiently.

What do they promote on the banner for the building?  That there is a parking garage.

Admittedly, the website does a better job of selling the location than the banner.
3Tree Flats apartments, promotion on the website

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