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Monday, November 25, 2013

Television shows on urbanism: Innovation Cities on CNBC

Philips, a large systems integration firm with what we would call a "smart city" agenda, is sponsoring a short vignette series on CNBC TV called "Innovation Cities." Each two and a half minute episode will focus on a facet of city life, exploring an innovation which is providing dynamic change and contributing to business development in health, the home and schools. The series will air once a week (each Thursday) for nine weeks and full episodes will also be available across all CNBC’s digital and mobile platforms.

The first episode explores how technology can be used to allow people more control over their own healthcare through a virtual patient monitoring system known as TEKI, which utilises existing technology in the Xbox Kinect to enable patients to manage existing conditions at home.

2. Plus earlier in the year, KCET, a PBS station in Los Angeles, did a series of programs under the title, City Walk. I wasn't totally enamored of the snippets I watched, but I haven't watched the entire series, which is available online.

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