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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Enrique Peñalosa is running for President of Colombia

Enrique Peñalosa is well-known in pro-urban circles for his efforts as Mayor of Bogotá, the national capital of Colombia, where his accomplishments included the implementation of the TransMilenio bus rapid transit system, which has more than 2 million daily riders, and various public space improvement efforts, including the Ciclovía, where certain streets on closed to automobile traffic on Sundays and they are used for a variety of pedestrian, cycling, and other activities.

Right:  Ciclovía in Bogotá.  Wikipedia photo.

 Since 2009, he has been president of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, which addresses sustainable transportation programming at the global scale.

I didn't realize it, but he is running for President of Colombi as a candidate of the Colombian Green Party. The election is on Sunday, March 9th.

It would be pretty amazing to have a nation's president be as committed to urban quality of life as is Enrique Peñalosa.

-- Campaign website

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