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Monday, March 03, 2014

Recent snow and cancellation of bus service

I do find it surprising that Metrobus did not run today and that a goodly portion of Metrobus service will not be running at least at the start of the day tomorrow. There wasn't that much snow.

From "Agenda setting: snow clearance in the walking-biking-transit city":

1. The city needs to develop a plan for "maintenance of way" so that citizens can get to schools, libraries, transit stops, transit stations, and local commercial districts, despite snow conditions. This is especially necessary for the one mile radius areas around subway and train stations.

3. And the city needs to adopt specific policies and practices with regard to snow removal from bus stops as well as from bicycle trails that are also used for transportational purposes.

6. The city needs to prioritize snow removal on bus routes, so that even if the aboveground transit stations are closed, WMATA could still run, safely, bus service on most of the routes.

And WMATA needs to define a snow schedule for buses, based on the amount of snow (in inches).

Granted some routes, because of hills and other conditions, might not be able to run, but more routes should be running than these:
32 and 36 (Wisconsin Avenue), 52 and 54 (14th Street), 70 (Georgia Avenue), 90 and 92 (Florida Avenue/8th Street/Southeast), A6/A8 (Anacostia-Congress Heights-Downtown DC), S2 (16th Street), X2 (Benning Road/H Street).

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