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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Butte, Montana gets it (it being bicycle accommodation)

Uptown Butte.  Panaramio photo by ysato.

In line with the discussion about innovation diffusion in the entry about low income populations and cycling ("Urg: bad studies don't push the discourse or policy forward | biking in low income communities (in DC) edition"), I came across a recent issue of Montana Standard, which is the daily newspaper in Butte, Montana, and it has two front page articles related to biking.  There is a great quote in "Uptown streets plan laid out," about planned urban design changes in a city district aimed at improving activation.

From the article:
The plan focuses on transitioning from parallel and angle parking to reverse angle parking, creating north-south and east-west bike corridors, and reducing the number of stoplights, in part to create a less-restricted Main Street.

“We’re blessed with real wide streets,” Schultz said. “We can make better use of that real estate.”

The impetus behind the plan is to get more pedestrian and bike traffic Uptown, and increase parking — all of which designers said will boost business.

Several people chimed in with support.

“There’s nothing that says ‘this is a young, up-and-coming community for young professionals’ like bike lanes,” said Terry Spath.

Wide streets in Butte's Uptown District can easily accommodate bike lanes and angled parking.  Wikipedia photo. 

Also see "Interactive Smartphone apps and maps promote Butte's outdoor recreation
" from the Montana Standard.

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