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Saturday, September 13, 2014

London Design Festival, Spetember 13th - 21st

This year's London Design Festival starts today.

Wikipedia image.  Copenhagen Harbour Bath, Island Brygge.

One of the presentations is displayed into January--called Urban Plunge: New Designs For Natural Swimming In Our Cities, looks at how cities are aiming to re-engage with rivers through swimming.

From the Roca Gallery website:
The exhibition, curated by Jane Withers for Wonderwater, showcases five architectural interventions for swimming in clean natural waters in the heart of our cities: + Pool, New York (Playlab & Family NYC); Thames Baths Project, London (Studio Octopi); Copenhagen Harbour Baths, (JDS Architects); King's Cross Pond Club, London (Ooze & Marjetica Potrč) and House of Water, Copenhagen (Tredje Natur).

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