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Monday, February 11, 2019

Atlantic City (NJ) Press series on "Reinventing Atlantic City"

In the past, I've written about newspapers doing ongoing series on community revitalization issues, from the "Rethinking Philadelphia" series in the Philadelphia Daily News to special pull-out sections in the Camden (NJ) Courier-Post.  More recently, the Chicago Tribune had a series around planning, calling out the city's planning history and Daniel Burnham.

The Press of Atlantic City is running a similar series called "Reinventing Atlantic City."  This article from the series, "Art is a tool in the fight against blight: How can A.C. see more of it?," includes links to past articles in the left sidebar.

Unfortunately, the running head/link for the series doesn't return a list of articles.

With the decline in the financial viability of newspapers, it's much harder for newspapers to commit to this kind of coverage, so it should always be lauded when it occurs.

Although interestingly, this article in today's paper, "How weather favors Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City," isn't part of the series.

Nor these previous articles, "Atlantic City casinos needs to adopt 'Las Vegas model' to survive" and "Can A Non-Gaming Model Work For Atlantic City Casinos As It Does In Las Vegas."

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