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Sunday, December 01, 2019

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake - The Priest - spoken word and music based short video about homelessness

Pretty Powerful.  See "Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake: ‘You can’t avoid homelessness in Manchester. It touched us both’," Guardian.

Many Johnny Marr videos feature urban scenes, especially the video for "New Town Velocity". Marr is interested in psychogeography.
I've always been into architecture, but now I'm getting more specific. I had an interest in buildings and cities and towns particularly from being really quite young and growing up near the city. I had a fairly vivid imagination about them. When I put my first solo album out, The Messenger, the word "psychogeography" came up quite a lot in regard to the way I was writing my words. What "psychogeography" was, the culture of it, I found it was true, but didn't really know until then that there was a term for it. I was happy to discover that what I was doing was psychogeography, and there was a culture of it that was rich, from everyone from Baudelaire and Thomas de Quincy to Walter Benjamin and architecture and lot of different aspects of physical and esoteric city life. That's a big preoccupation of mine at the moment.


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