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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Jane's Walk story: Sacramento

JANES WALK walking tour of Alkali Flat - Sacramento's oldest surviving residential neighborhood
Luis Sumpter, shows an old picture of the J. Neely Johnson House the on F Street during a walking tour of Alkali Flat - Sacramento's oldest surviving residential neighborhood. Manny Crisostomo | Sacramento Bee.

"Sacramento residents tour historic urban neighborhoods on Jane's Walk" from the Sacramento Bee. Plus these stories from the Toronto Star, "Jane's Walk recalls G20 violence in Toronto" and "Jane’s Walk: Get to know your city."

From the Torstar G20 article:

Jane’s Walks in Toronto usually offer people a chance to explore historic buildings, appreciate neighbourhood art and debate keeping chickens in the backyard.

But this year, one walk will show residents and tourists where protesters threw bricks through windows, where police cars were torched and where the cops finally released the tear gas.

The educational tour of the former G20 summit security zone, led by David Demchuk and Justin Stayshyn, is one of 170 free urban neighbourhood tours on offer throughout Toronto this weekend.

The walk isn’t a protest or a march, said Demchuk, a playwright and journalist. It’s meant to encourage dialogue, not disturbance.

“We have to remember, this wasn’t Berlin,” he said. “It’s great to be hyperbolic about these things for effect but at the end of the day, we survived it.”

Now in their fifth year,Jane’s Walks are a nod to Jane Jacobs, the author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Jacobs encouraged people to meet their neighbours, learn about their communities and share ideas. Initially started in Toronto in 2007, Jane’s Walks have since expanded to 68 cities and nine countries.

170 TOURS in Toronto! Impressive.

Other coverage includes "Walk's guide explains local pet laws‎" from the Ottawa (ON) Citizen, "Jane's Walk celebrates community art, architecture," from the Arizona Republic, and "See Winnipeg through a new lens: Jane’s Walk offers city-dwellers the chance to explore their neighbourhoods" from the Uptown free weekly.

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