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Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stepping up the Park(ing) Day game in Baltimore and Annapolis

Image: MDASLA Park(ing) Day 2010, Fells Point, Baltimore, by the architecture-planning firm Ayers Saint Gross.

In Baltimore and Annapolis, leading landscape architecture firms are behind various Park(ing) Day initiatives. In Baltimore, this includes EDSA, Mahan Rykiel, and Floura Teeter.

In Annapolis, the Maryland chapter of the American Society for Landscape Architecture is coordinating the creation of "a temporary waterfront park," led by Campion Landscape Architecture, Schwab Landscape Architecture, and Graham Landscape Architecture.

I think it's cool that landscape architecture firms, companies that make much of their income from doing plans for local governments, are willing to step up and challenge convention.

And in Silver Spring the national capital chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism will be doing an event on Ellsworth Avenue.

In Baltimore's Reservoir Hill, the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council's neighborhood greening initiatives is doing a Park(ing) Day event by converting teacher parking spaces at the local school, John Eager Howard Elementary, into a composting operation. See "9/16 PARK(ing) Day at John Eager Howard" from the Greening Reservoir Hill blog.

- More information, Park(ing) Day 2011 Map

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