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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The The "Beaten Generation" & Don Henley "Dirty Laundry" + Blank Generation, Richard Hell and the Voidoids

The song refers to "the youth," but the general point pertains.

Of course, television "news" is way worse than when this song first came out more than 30 years ago. And then we didn't have what is now called "reality tv." Charlie points us to an article by Virginia Postrel ascribing "these days" to "too much information" ("Democracy's destroyer: TMI").

I think it's more than that, more "the new age of disinformation." And it's plied by political parties, zealots, other countries. It's not about facts and truth, but winning at all costs. It takes the arguments of Thomas Frank to a whole new level, and infantilization too -- why would "the average person" think someone like Donald Trump will help save them? Just ask all the contractors he stiffed.

But how could I forget Richard Hell and the Voidoids "Blank Generation"?

And Iggy



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