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Friday, June 08, 2018

Small bike counter, Royal College Street, Camden Town, London

The advantage of taking wrong turns is that you get the opportunity to see stuff that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.  While walking to Camden High Street from London Euston train station, I took a wrong turn, walking down Royal College Street, which is somewhat parallel to Camden High Street.

It is the location of a main cycletrack and has a pretty simple, but effective, bike counter, displaying daily and year-to-date counts.
Cycletrack bicycle rider counter, Royal College Street, Camden Town, London

It's got to be a lot cheaper than the big, but very prominent bike counters like this one at the new Wharf District.  That being said, there's a place for both types.
Bicycle counter, Wharf District, SW DC

This post is sponsored by the donors--anonymous and named, to the GoFundMe account associated with my recent trip to Liverpool and London, which was triggered by my receiving a free registration to the International Place Branding Event one-day conference in Liverpool.  Their support is gratefully acknowledged in making this and many other posts possible.

(Donations are still being accepted.  Thank you.)

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