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Friday, June 08, 2018

The Nation special issue of housing: June 18-25, 2018

The Nation’s new special issue, “Give Us Shelter” (June 18-25, 2018 cover story), exposes America’s devastating, nationwide housing crisis—arguably a housing catastrophe—and documents the work of activists pushing a radical solution: “homes for all.”

“If that sounds utopian, it is,” write the editors. “And yet, from marriage equality to marijuana legalization, free higher education to the Fight for $15, the political landscape is filled with examples of sweeping demands that have migrated from the periphery of possibility toward acceptance, embrace, and even, on occasion, actuality. What they’ve all had in common are movements and, as those movements gained strength, political champions.”

The base is getting busy, but elected officials have been slow to catch on​.

Nearly half of all renters can’t afford rent, and over half a million Americans are homeless on any given night. How did we get here?

From rent regulation to social housing, activists are pushing for serious solutions to the affordable-housing crisis.

From the first tenement regulation to work requirements for public-housing residents, these are key moments in housing policy.


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