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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Washington Examiner owner seeking exceptions from California environmental rules for a stadium in Los Angeles?

Of course, the editorial pages of the Washington Examiner bug me because they are so hard right. But I am often struck by the hypocrisy of the editorials, given the economic interests and actions of the owner of the paper in terms of how his other interests are managed, particularly the Anshutz Entertainment Group, which owns and operates Staples Center in Los Angeles, and has received hundreds of millions of dollars of public investment and incentives--yet the Examiner is quick to editorialize against local government officials and projects involving tax incentives.

Today's Los Angeles Times reports that negotiations with AEG to build a football stadium in Los Angeles are tinged by fears that the company will seek a special state law making illegal legal challenges from citizens in response to the eventual environmental assessment report. See "Los Angeles official opposes easing environmental rules for downtown stadium: Los Angeles' top policy advocate supports a resolution to fight legislation that would subvert state law for developer of proposed facility."

Although, I guess that would be consistent with the Examiner editorial policy, which is unlikely to support environmental regulation as well as civic involvement in local affairs.

NOTE: I am referring to the editorial pages, not the news pages and the day to day reporting therein.

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