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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Garbage trucks as mobile billboards: Gaskells, UK highlights its charity, the Whitehall Centre homeless services organization

Gaskells is a waste management company based in Bootle, outside of Liverpool.  There is an article on the company in the trade magazine UROC, which is for the UK independent waste hauling industry.

As their primary charitable endeavor, they choose to support the Whitehall Centre, an organization dealing with providing services to the homeless, what's called "rough sleeping" in the UK.

They've chosen to support Whitehall Centre because rough sleepers often choose waste bins ("skips") as a place to sleep.

They've put information on at least one of their trucks promoting the Whitehall Centre (press release).

While originally I wrote about the use of garbage truck sides as a way to show "public art" in the form of murals, something pioneered in Philadelphia about 10 years ago, now I think garbage trucks should be used to display environmentally-related messages.

Waste Management does it on their trucks.  Baltimore City has used garbage truck "billboards" in their anti-litter campaign.

Lancaster County Waste Management Authority waste transfer trucks serve as rolling billboardsGarbage trucks as mobile billboards for urban environmental messaging and marketing is a big lost opportunity for most communities. 

But not for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania or Baltimore City.

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At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great idea they should do that here in Indianapolis.

Thanks for sharing

Jason -


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