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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Experience Prince George's County tourism bus wrap

My quest fixing up the house and other things has included a few trips to Prince George's County, Maryland, such as getting rid of stuff, I mean donating no longer needed building materials to Community Forklift (I was on the board for many years), in Edmonston, Maryland--one of the small communities near Hyattsville.

(Thank you Zipcar for having pick up trucks in your fleet!)

While doing that, and yesterday, buying a "new" computer at PC Retro after going to the upholsterer, I saw a PC County bus (called "The Bus") done up in a wrap promoting Prince George's County tourism.

I thought it was well done, and of course, gave me ideas for Eastern Market in DC.

According to a February e-letter from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, they've done up five buses this way.

Also see:

-- "PL #7: Using the Purple Line to rebrand Montgomery and Prince George's Counties as design forward," 2017
-- "2019 (US) National Travel and Tourism Week: A visitor centers agenda for DC," 2019
-- "City branding versus identity | Branding versus Urban Strategy," 2019
-- "Town-City branding or 'We are all destination managers now'," 2005

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